Energy Efficiency

The ENERGY STAR® rating from the U.S. Department of energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is only granted to products that reduce energy usage to mandated levels. Infinity from Marvin exceeds the performance requirements and qualifies for the ENERGY STAR® rating in all U.S. climate regions.

Infinity® from Marvin exceeds the performance requirements for energy reduction set down by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in their Energy Star ratings. And, Infinity qualifies for the Energy Star rating in all U.S. climate regions.

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For more information on ENERGY STAR®, click here.

NFRC Rating
The not-for-profit National Fenestration Rating Council sets standards for the window and door industry. Infinity earned one of the highest possible ratings for energy performance. The ratings measure light transmission and heat loss or gain under varying conditions.

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High Performance Glass Options
• Low E II
We know how important energy efficiency is, and our standard Low E II glazings are a simple means of maximizing your home’s thermal efficiency. Low E II reflects heat back to its source so summer heat is reflected outdoors and winter indoor heating is retained. At the same time, 84% of the sun’s UV rays are screened to reduce fading and damage to upholstery and carpets. Argon gas and a warm edge spacer are also standard features. It all adds up to enhanced performance and long-term savings for you.

• Lo˳-366
Our optional Lo˳-366 glass provides increased performance for heat gain and high sun exposure locations. This top-performance glass is formulated to reject solar heat while letting light in. With Lo˳-366 glass, light and visibility are maximized, 95% of the sun’s damaging UV rays are blocked, and most importantly, you and your home stay cool and comfortable.

Energy Tax Credit
Verification Certificate:

Have you recently installed new, energy efficient Marvin windows? Take advantage of the Energy Tax Credit. Download the certificate to verify qualifications for the Energy Tax Credit.